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Mabe Pearl Earrings

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe then why not purchase, or get a loved one to purchase an exquisite set of Mabe pearl earrings. They come in a variety of styles and colors to suit any taste and are generally styled as a stud type.

Pearls jewels are one of the most sought-after gems with their shimmer and smooth appearance. Many ancient cultures including the Egyptians believed that pearls gave them wealth and power and were even buried with them. In battle men in medieval times would carry pearls with them as they believed that the magical powers would protect them from harm.

Unfortunately, today, natural sea-grown pearls from oysters have become virtually impossible to get and this has lead to the cultivation of pearls to make gorgeous necklaces and other jewelry like the Mabe pearl earrings.

To explain a little bit more about what a Mabe pearl is; it is half a pearl that has been cultured, also known as a blister pearl because it is grown on the inside of a mollusk’s shell and not inside its body.

The Mabe pearl is grown by attaching a thin layer of glue to the inside of the shell by way of strings that have been threaded through drilled holes. This way you will know that in the making of your Mabe pearl earrings, the creature was not hurt at all or covered in glue.

Then they will build up a nacre layer around the strange object which is about 0.2 to 0.5 mm thick, which will take about two to three years. After the snail has died and been discarded, the inside of its shell is ground down carefully to reveal the pearl that will be used to make Mabe pearl earrings.

Each sore pearl will be checked and any underdeveloped or poor quality ones will be thrown out. The cavity is usually filled with a resin of some kind and backed with a mother or pearl covering.

The process takes such a long time because the production of the colorful nacre only takes place during the summer months. After the pearl is revealed and extracted for use in making Mabe pearl earrings, they are first sorted according to:

  • Color
  • Luster
  • Size (The smallest size used for production is normally 8mm in diameter and can be as big as 27mm in diameter.)
  • Surface quality (from smooth to minor defects and inclusions.)

Many Mabe pearl earrings are beautifully adorned in patterns of silver or gold, can have intricate designs using other precious or semi-precious stones like diamonds or sapphires, and are widely available all over the world.

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Clothes Hampers

Clothes hampers are now available in all sorts and fashions such as wicker hampers, tilt-out hampers, Craftsman-style hampers, and so on. Some of them are made to hold dirty clothes till washday so they serve as laundry hampers as well.

Not all clothes hampers are made of wooden planks, thanks to the modern-day housewife s aesthetics consciousness. There are wire hampers, and then there are stainless steel hampers, of perforated or solid sheets. But all of them are made to stand up so that they can withstand the daily grind. If you are considering buying one for your home, unlike the previously known types which were comparatively rudimentary in construction and resembled a basket or a bag with an open-top, be prepared for a pleasant shock there are lovely handcrafted pieces that feature excellent workmanship.

You will normally buy laundry hampers along with toy boxes and bookshelves so that they all match for uniformity. This way you can ask for a discount too because you are buying them a lot.

Tip to buy clothes hampers

Buying laundry hampers will not be all too easy in a large store. The sheer number and styles they are available in are enough to confuse you. You have to mind many things and a few critical ones are here.

  1. Choose the material of construction depending on the place of its use. Wire mesh clothes hamper suits better for bedrooms than stainless steel. Wooden clothes hamper to suit the d├ęcor of the living rooms and so on.
  2. You can have a multiple-purpose mobile storage cabinet that also has clothes hampers. However, the only thing that goes against them is their bulky size, immobility, and associated inconvenience.
  3. Stainless steel hampers are the perfect match for laundry or bathrooms. You can also buy foldable or door hanging clothes hampers if you are not stacking dirty clothes long.
  4. Consider wheel-mounted hampers if you have moved across rooms for obvious reasons.
  5. If you don t mind spending a few extra dollars, sure you can buy hardwood carved pieces with exquisite patterns.
  6. It is a good idea to buy clothes hampers with perforations or those made of meshed clothes if the washing day is long. Their breathability prevents the dirty wet clothes from stinking.

Clothes hampers are meant to store your dirty clothes and wet towels till they are washed. They are perfect laundry storage solutions. If the value addition the clothes hampers provide is, on one hand, the aesthetic value is beyond comparison.

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Ball Gowns

Ball Gowns are perhaps the most extravagant of dress forms for a female to wear. The actual design of a ball gown has not changed much over the years and a traditional gown will have the same elements today as it had in years past. This style gown is usually worn for a special occasion or ‘black-tie’ events which usually is comprised of the most formal of occasions.

Elements common to a proper ball gown are:

_ A fuller skirt design that reaches to the floor, or at its shortest length to the ankles.
_ Extravagant fabrics and lush materials are used to comprise the basic body of the gown,
_ Light and airy trims accent the gown from embroideries to soft braidings, to gems such as pearls, diamonds, or lustrous crystals.
_ Most ball gowns are designed with a plunging neckline, and
_ Are shoulder-less in design. Be it an off-the-shoulder look or a completely strapless look, the shoulders are always revealed while wearing a true ball gown.
_ A wrap is added for comfort against the elements as opposed to a coat; this also protects the detailing of the gown from crushing under the weight of a traditional overcoat.

Traditional ball gowns are usually accented with such things as sparkling jewelry, long gloves, slippers upon the feet, all of which add to the delicacy and design of the overall appearance being created by the look of wearing a ball gown.

Newer designer gowns that have a more body-hugging skirt or plunging lines along the back or the sides or those that have added sweeps or trains behind them are not considered to be true ball gowns in the means and purpose behind the wearing of a ball gown.

These newer looks are often popular and misplaced in the world of ball gowns by the younger generation who seeks a more updated, modern flair to their formal look. However, a true ball gown is a true ball gown as opposed to a formal dress designed for a prom or for a bridesmaid to wear.

If you are seeking to find a ball gown for a true ‘black tie affair, the elements above are critical to the choosing of the gown you will wear. The elegance of the sweeping, flowing appearance created by a true ball gown cannot be replaced by modern design and detailing.

It is the old-fashioned elegance that gives a ball gown its place in the world of formal entertaining and celebrations. While accessories may vary amongst all of the ball gowns that appear at any given formal event, the basic design and structure of the gowns themselves will all share the traditional specifications mentioned above if one truly seeks to properly present themselves in a true ball gown.

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